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Raid Data Recovery Services, Data storage systems represent more than just a few gigabytes of data capacity. They must be viewed as the entities guarding the lifeblood of your company, your most valuable asset. Perhaps the greatest fear of any organization is the loss of its critical business information from its mass storage devices and the necessity of a hard drive RAID recovery or other recover process. This is clearly not an option for the company, but regardless of the number of back-ups and copies, data loss does happen. When you are unable to retrieve your data from these data storage systems for whatever reason, you need to rely on a company that understands the technology and the value of your data and time, and can work with you in recovering your assets with a RAID data recovery service or whatever else it takes. Micro Solutions Data Recovery Technologies Inc. is that company. Hard Drive RAID Recovery and More Whether you need RAID 0 data recovery, RAID 5 data recovery, or anything in between, Micro Solutions Tech has you covered. Regardless of the size, configuration, operating system or platform of your Enterprise Storage System, whether it be a RAID array system, SAN, NAS or other disk server system, Micro Solutions can recover your data even if all other means of retrieval have failed. Micro Solutions specialized engineering staff and proprietary technologies were developed specifically to be utilized to recover data from your Enterprise Storage System, such as a RAID 0 data recovery, RAID 5 data recovery and more. Because of our experience, you can be assured of a high level of success in Micro Solutions efforts to recover your data from these complex data storage systems. Micro Solutions has successfully recovered data from all of the disk drives utilized in today's Enterprise Storage System's running in a variety of operating environments such as: Windows NT / 2000 Unix Novell HPUX SQL Linux BSD Banyan Vines Exchange Sun Solaris AIX ...and more Databases, data files, user directories, and configuration setup information can be recovered quickly and safely. Raid Recovery Process For Enterprise Storage Systems The Micro Solutions recovery process for your data begins with a call to our email support to one of our customer care professionals. Your Micro Solutions customer care professional will step you through a series of questions to determine the likelihood of data recoverability and to guide you to the next step. Depending on the level of service you choose, your data could be recovered in as little as 24 hours. Once your storage media is received by Micro Solutions, it is immediately logged into our system. At this point, you will receive a call from your Micro Solutions customer service representative who will confirm receipt and gather further information to help guide the Micro Solutions laboratory engineer. Concurrently one of Micro Solutions recovery engineers will have begun the evaluation and assessment on your media. When this stage is completed you are again contacted by our customer care professionals who will provide you with an updated status on the delivery schedule and a firm quote on the price. Once authorization is received from you, the data is recovered and taken through a strict quality control process to ensure it is in useable format. Your data is returned to you in the media of your choice. In most cases, hard disks are utilized. In some cases, should you choose it, Micro Solutions can send critical data back via FTP transfer. This allows for the downloading of your critical data from our servers quickly and securely. In the unfortunate situation where no data is recoverable, there will be no charge.


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