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Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting refers to the process of hosting multiple sites on a single, physical web server. In other words, multiple websites “share” the system resources of a single server. There is no noticeable difference to your visitors between a website hosted in a shared environment and one that is hosted on a dedicated web server.

Through shared hosting, a web developer can secure space on a web server and have shared access to the server’s many technical features. Hosting companies provide this service by maintaining several large servers, and on those large servers they maintain a number of virtual web hosts. The machine examines which “name” it is being called by and then responds appropriately. Thus, visitors to the site enter through the domain name of the developer and therefore cannot recognize that another company’s server in fact, hosts the site.

For most small and medium-sized businesses, a dedicated server, or a single web server hosting a single web site, is unnecessary. In addition to requiring a skilled staff member to devote his or her time to administering the server, most organizations simply do not require the capacity of a single web server dedicated to the task of hosting a single web site. Shared web hosting is also the most affordable hosting option.

Shared Web Hosting Advantages:

Allows you to establish your web presence with highly-capable resources at a minimal cost.

Ideally suited for beginners, startups, small / home-based businesses and growing organizations.

Shared servers are upgradeable and allow you to add features as your hosting needs grow.

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