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Usb Disk Recovery

We at Data Recovery LAB , are capable to recover all missing lost data files and folders. USB data recovery by our experienced technicians proves effective when it comes to recover lost, missing, deleted files and folders from the crashed and corrupt USB pen drive, zip drive, USB flash drives, memory sticks, multimedia cards, secure digital cards, smart media and other usb media types.

Generally the USB get damaged due to hardware malfunctions, virus attacks, improper shutdown, unexpected shutdown which affect and make the stored data inaccessible.

Data Recovery from USB / Firewire external hard disk drives

Example Manufacturers: LaCie (eg. Big Disk, Bigger Disk, Bigger Disk Extreme, Quadra etc), Iomega, Freecom, Maxtor (eg. OneTouch), Western Digital (eg. Passport, MyBook), Toshiba, Seagate (eg. FreeAgent)

Data LAB are able to recover data from any type of external hard disk.

Problems: External USB and Firewire hard disks basically consist of a case containing a standard IDE or SATA hard disk with a USB or Firewire interface adaptor. Thus, these units are prone to all the usual problems relating to IDE & SATA hard drives plus some others that the external case and interface may bring. Two of the most common additional problems we have noticed with these drives are:

* They get knocked over, dropped, banged etc. In almost all cases, the resulting impact they suffer will cause problems.
* They have a tendancy to overheat. This is due to inadequate ventilation on the external case. Some external hard drives don’t contain any ventilation at all, a small number of devices may contain a fan inside the actual case to combat temperature build up.


* If Knocked / Dropped etc: The drive will probably make a ticking / buzzing / musical noise when powered on. This is usually indicative of damage to the read / write heads &/or the motor.
* If Overheating: The drive will suddenly die and not be recognised by the BIOS, or the computer will appear to start running slowly and noises from the external hard disk may be heard.

Recovery possibilities: Entirely dependent on the nature of the problem. Heat associated problems are often easier to tackle than impact damage problems.

We are currently seeing many high capacity hard drives (> 200GB) that have become faulty and make a ticking sound when powered up. This is almost always indicative of a head failure, internal to the hard drive. Recovery of data from drives with these symptoms is difficult and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – please phone for guidance and an idea of price.

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Do Not: Under no circumstances should you continue to use the device as you may cause further damage to the unit. Also, you should not allow the system to run a repair utility on the drive (such as Scandisk / Chkdsk / Norton etc) – this can often render recoverable data unrecoverable.

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What if I have one of these drives but the symptoms are different?: This is quite possible. These drives are still prone to all the other problems hard disks suffer from ie. mechnical failure, logical failure, bad sectors etc.

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