MY Seagate Barracuda st3300831 makes clicking noises. The PCB is working, since it’s a donor one. F/W and Model # are the same, so it’s not a compatibility issue.

It was working fine, before a power surge fried the PCB and apparently did something else, too.

I’ve read that clicking noise is referred to as “noise of death”… Can anyone elaborate on that? I’ve also read that it might mean “head cannot find sector 0″…

I also read that a head-replacement can fix clicking noise (assuming access to clean “place”). But, I have a 3-platter, 6-head harddrive, and heads park on the inside, and if the video from is correct, then it’s nearly impossible to replace the heads w/o scraping them on the platters.

Since I have quite a bunch of these harddrives, I took one of them (already dead) apart, and really, did find it impossible to remove anything from there without killing the heads. Since it’s a 3-platter, switching platters is also not an option, and not just because of the heads…

Can I please get a confirmation or “maybe not” on the clicking issue?

To be more specific: It makes a *click* about every two seconds or so, even when it’s just the power that’s on. As if the head stopper never releases the heads or something.

Now, I have only been digging deep into harddisks this past month, so I pretty much don’t know much, yet.

My dad is currently working on making a serial terminal?… and I guess I’ll try to handle the communication once he’s done, but I think it’s like diving into an abyss with your eyes closed.

Ans :
Well, in most cases, clicking noise is caused by danaged MHA (heads-). It is possible to replace the MHA even it has 3 or more heads, but you will need a clean room to do that. And yes, very much experience. 🙁

Using RS 232 schematic to communicate through terminal might help, but you must know some “ATA Comands” to understand what’s going inside.


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