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Dear Gurus,
Let me just say, i am so glad i found this forum. I was looking into learning about data recovery for a while but had no luck finding a worth wile course. That was untill i found this forum. and i am so glad i did. I know a little bit. like how to get data off using R-Studio but i am sure there is room for improvement, and i am eager to learn more. So if anyone can email me a manual, or point me in a direction on where i can download a good cource, i would highly appriciate that. Now on to my current delema:

A client brought in a Seagate Momentus 160GB with a fired board. He spilled water on his computer, and the drive would make repetative noise. So i bought an identical drive and swaped the boards. It now sounds like continues pinning on and on. What am i doing wrong?

Data Recovery lab (mumbai) New subject: Re: Seagate Momentus 5400.5 Data recovery help.

What u are doing wrong is dealing with customer drive with valuable data without knowledge. Data Recovery lab (mumbai)

My PSU went out recently and it seems to have brought all my hard drives with it. All three will not spin up at all and all three of the PCBs have burns on chips labeled “smooth” on top, in addition to what appears to be a fried TVS diode here and there.

My main priority is to replace the PCB on my Seagate ST3500320AS (FW: SD04), but I also have a WD2000JS-00PDB0 which would be nice to get running as well.

From what little understanding I’ve gathered over the past few days, if I find a PCB for my Seagate which matches the HDD model number and I swap out the ROM/BIOS chip, then it may work? Say for example, if I bought this PCB and swapped out the 8-pin chip, I could be in business?

So, how silly does this sound? I have no sense of perspective. I could scrap together the money for this repair, but honestly some TLC with a soldering iron sounds a lot more fun. I think this because the repair doesn’t seem beyond me, but I could just be missing something huge.

Any thoughts, comments, guidance, advice, etc. is greatly appreciated. User avatar

Both model needs ROM transfer for repair. And both model needs pcb PN matching.

Additionally, keep this on mind, the HDD have the preamp chip INSIDE wich can be damaged as well. And some rare cases the damaged preamp chip can demagnetize the platters when the first pcb swap happens… So if your data is really important, seek for professional help. But if you decide to gamble with your data, the ROM swap will help you in both case… Good luck.

So, what exactly has to match on a replacement PCB (if the ROM chip is swapped). I can find boards with identical part numbers and revision numbers, but they appear to be by different manufacturers. The components have different numbers of them, such as the main chip (LSI). Usually there are some matching rows of numbers, but not all of them match (occasionally a row is completely different). Is this a problem?

Also, in playing around with one of my less-valuable dead drives, I put in a PCB with the same part number and revision number, but different firmware. If I don’t plug the data cable in, the drive powers up and sounds fine. If I plug the data cable in, it makes a regular ticking noise. Is this a sign of a greater failure than just the PCB, or could this be a symptom of having the improper ROM chip installed?

As always, thank you so much 🙂 If any more info would help, please let me know. I really don’t know what is important for you to know…

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