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Backup And Restore Solution

Micro Backup keeps your valuable data safe from irreparable loss or damage
According to statistics, dozens of gigabytes of data are being lost or damaged every single day. Accidents, virus attacks, power problems – there are thousands of possible reasons for loss or damage of vital information stored on your computer. In order to be protected from unexpected loss of important data people backup their files.

However, if you have a single computer with only one hard disk, making backup to the same disk does not provide required safety – in case of disk crash all data will be lost including backup copies. Micro Backup enables you to keep all your backup copies on another computer, your local (LAN) network or a remote FTP server. You can also backup to your CD-RW device.

With Micro Backup Solution you do not need to worry about performing manual backups
Micro Backup has a powerful and flexible scheduler to perform backups and restorations automatically, at the time specified by you. Once you’ve performed an initial setup, Micro Backup will do all the rest for you.

Many office environments require you to copy files to a network server or a network storage so that the files will get backed up. Many people forget to copy files from their local machine to a server or a network storage. Micro Backup can do this work for you automatically.

Micro Backup Solution allows you to have a peace of mind
Should it be a virus attack, corrupted file, a hard disk crash or any natural disaster – you’ll always have a backup copy of your important data, and hence, a peace of mind.
You can also use Micro Backup for the following tasks :
Micro Backup allows you to copy files between work and home computers automatically, without necessity to use any storage media. You can modify files on your work computer and they will be synchronized automatically with the home computer.
Keep your laptop synchronized with the desktop. With Micro Backup you can copy files between your laptop or notebook computer and your desktop computer keeping all important files updated on both systems.
If your data is located on a remote FTP server and you wish to keep the same data on your local machine, Micro Backup will create an identical copy of the data stored on the FTP. If data in one of these identical folders is changed, the program will make the folders identical any time you wish or automatically, at the selected time periods.
Micro Backup can also be used to copy files between servers to have synchronized information across the network.
If you periodically copy files from one computer to another, you know that if something goes wrong during the copying process you’ll have to start copying all over again. Using Micro Backup, once you set up source and destination locations, even if there is a problem, you won’t have to start copying from the beginning. Simply fix the problem and Micro Backup will copy only missed or changed files.
You can synchronize files on two computers, i.e. bring them to the same state. The newer version replaces the older one, and files missing on one machine will be added. Synchronization can work in one or both directions. This is useful e.g. between a notebook and a desktop PC or among network computers.
Piece of mind
Data Recovery is guaranteed.
BackUp of Data can be schedule twice in a day.
Recovery System boots dead systems directly from CD into a Windows-like environment. You’ll have full access to the dead system’s volumes, so you can diagnose and repair problems.
1 Year Warranty & Support.
No additional hidden cost, only one time service charge.
Onsite Training. We do disk repair in mumbai bombay.
Terms & Conditions :
Our Engineers will install software & give training to End User.
1 Year of Support in case of emergency.
Tax as Applicable
50% Advance & 50% after Installation.
One Year Service Contract.

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